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 It's such a delight to read something written by someone who can still think, 
Curtis. Thanks.

 The very IDEA that someone could consider Robin Carlsen or Jim Flanegin or 
John R rational astounds me.  

Thanks bro but I think Richard was being a bit facetious. He was pretty clear 
about the Robin routine himself. Robin was associated with these idiotic 
arguments and was their champion. 

I have been having fun lately writing here again since I am at home many days 
making lesson plans. With all the odd dynamics, I do think the place is vastly 
improved by a lack of a certain poster. It seems a bit less contentious. I 
guess that may not be true for you since there is a committee that is still 
championing the cause. I think you will relate to this video very well. It is 
kind of frighteningly familiar:

Scientology Top Managers In Action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG70fhg0wL4 
 Scientology Top Managers In Action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG70fhg0wL4 
Three of Scientology's top management personnel ambushing a former member of 
scientology at Los Angeles International Airport on 10/19/14.

 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG70fhg0wL4 
 Preview by Yahoo 

Yeah, I've seen $cientologists like this in action, and for the life of me 
can't tell any difference between them and Richard, Ann, Jimbo, and She Whose 
Holy Work They Are Continuing In Her Absence. Uber-cultists, the whole lot of 
them.  :-)

I admit to causing part of it by withdrawing my attention from them, and 
depriving them of what they really want -- a captive audience at whom to spew 
their shit. They're reacting as expected, like junkies deprived of their fix. 

Ann is predictable because this seems to be what she *always* does when someone 
dumps her -- she's just substituted me as the object of her revenge-stalking 
this time instead of Robin. Richard's the same troll he's always been, so no 
surprise there. There has really never *been* a time during his tenure on 
a.m.t. and FFL in which he was sane, so IMO it's kinda silly to expect anything 
approaching sanity from him now. 

But Jimbo is really the strangest of the lot lately. He's managed to take the 
money he inherited, turn that in his mind into some kind of "success," and then 
move out into the country, effectively cutting himself off from all human 
contact and causing him to make more and more and more of his lunatic rants. He 
probably gets up in the middle of the night and goes out to yell the same thing 
at the skunks on his property -- "I'm BETTER than you are! I'm enlightened, and 
you're NOT. So there!"  :-)

 I am reading these posts today in chronological order so I haven't yet seen 
anyone's response to this. I would be curious to see Curtis respond point by 
point to this post. What do you think about what bawee has said here Curtis? 
Maybe by the time I have read everything up to 7:49 pm my time I will see you 
have done this already.

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