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 So, you must be a man of deep capacity to be able to hold within your 
appreciation myself and someone as different as I am in the form of bawee. 
Maybe one day I'll get there too.

 Something to point out, about Curtis, Ann -- Rather than an expression of his 
social flexibility and capacity to entertain multiple points of view, Curtis 
enjoys Barry's anti-social nature, and exploits it fully. This way, he enjoys 
the vicarious pleasure of watching Barry insult and abuse others endlessly, and 
at the same time, tries to ensure by his uber reasonableness, and kumbaya 
attitude, that none of the stink gets on him, personally.
 Curtis is Barry's puppet-master.

 You may very well be right Mac, because you tend to have a very insightful 
nature and I, more often than not, find your analyses extremely sophisticated. 
When I log on to FFL I always start at the bottom (oldest) post and read up 
answering certain posts as I go and moving past others. As I was quickly 
scrolling down from the top today I glimpsed some post from bawee who seems to 
address my personal post to Curtis. I haven't read it yet but I will, at least 
some of it. From the little I saw it appears rather unkind and very typical of 
bawee. Let's see what anyone does with this, if anything (although I see Steve 
made some remarks afterwards). I think you and Judy are on a similar page when 
it comes to Curtis but I don't always choose to deal with all the machinations 
that go on here so sometimes I simply find the parts of a person I enjoy or 
appreciate the most and speak to those. There are definite traits about Curtis 
that I admire (his music and his teaching) and as for whatever else might be 
going on I'm not in a position to try and change it. Whatever it is Curtis 
either sees or is using bawee for that is between them and is not somewhere I 
need to go.


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