Ann, I noticed the same thing. 

 Maybe it is just coincidence.

 I'd hate to think the pettiness is that imbedded.

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 Hey again, I seem to have started something when I wrote my little message to 
you last night. I certainly didn't expect the negative reaction I got for 
expressing to you some of my thoughts. I sort of skimmed bawee's rather 
incendiary comments (not sure why he got all flummoxed) but couldn't get past 
the first post on this but I think it went on a bit with Sal chiming in. 
Anyway, this place does seem to bring out the 'interesting' in people and I 
like Buck's post a lot. It was a chance to see him in a way I have yet to have 
witnessed and his message was a good one. Kindness seems to be one of those 
things that should be kept ready in one's bag of goodies as one goes about 
one's day. Kindness is a keeper - it isn't one of those things that goes over 
the top very often, it sort of sits in the middle of those things we could call 
"good deeds and intentions". It is often not too cloying nor does it seem to 
slip into the saccharine or overly sentimental. Yes, I will embrace kindness 
today; Buck has inspired me. Have a good one - inspire the little ones (your 
students) today with some insight and magic that comes with living and loving 

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