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 okay, good goal Ann, but your normal style of functioning. 

 It's just when we see something that seems out of whack, we comment on it.

 To Barry that's being obsessed, or stalking.

 He, of course is beyond most, if not all, human foibles.  A model of 

 A button pusher on high.  Or at least that's what he says.

 Steve, just keep being who you are. You're doing great. You're going to heaven 
for sure (this should get a few people going ;-))

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 Ann, it appears that agreement with Barry, trumps any kind of rational 
thinking with sal. 

 go figger!

 Yes, but "kindness" is my goal today (although I always find it easy to be 
kind to my animals) so I will hold off commenting on this excellent insight of 
yours. (Oops, I think I did comment by saying it was "excellent".) 




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