I'm still quite busy with real life, but when I see references to "moderators 
should have blah blah blah" it's time for me to remind folks that Rick already 
has the forum moderated as he sees fit. As for Judy, unless I missed something, 
we don't know what's up with her or why she left.

 Personally, I don't understand why people would be drawn to engage in the ego 
monkey bullshit that makes up the bulk of FFL's traffic, but it is what it is. 
I do understand why people object to Barry's toxic behavior, but that's who he 
is and what he does, and it has not changed. So, why keep reacting to an energy 
creature who seeks reaction?

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 ? “..the role of principle Barry hater - and you have to admire the gusto!”  
 No, we all rate posts as we may read them on spectrum; from posts that make: 
Observations, to suggestions, to criticism, by negativity and tone, to 
apostasy, thence to active anger and hating. In reading these posts I feel Ann 
through reading the individual postings here simply lost some faith more in 
Turq by her better understanding of his writing and approach here after reading 
the Lenz book that was posted here. It is that simple also. 
  I always read the Turq and feel he has a valid perspective from having 'been 
there' at a time, by his contrast with spiritual experience like Fleet's, and 
now I feel I have an even better understanding of him as a critic from this 
recent Freddy Lenz/Rama thread on FFL. Context often is everything. 
 That is something that is particularly good about the writing on FFL, that it 
often can render down what is truth. Judy was very much part of that process 
when she was here. Ann also helps with that by virtue of her mind about things 
and by life experience as context about things here. Some here have been pricks 
and Ann may be prickly towards people at times.  Rick seems to welcome almost 
everyone contributing to the related topics of FairfieldLife. I thank Rick for 
that. Public forum is often one of the best checks against theocratic tyranny. 
 There was an amazing open meeting last night in meditating Fairfield where 
everything was on the table in front of a bunch of the higher-up apparatchiks 
of the new TM movement. For upward pressures on the organization being beyond 
theocratic control, FFL has long been a part of the calculus of the meditating 
Fairfield communal culture. 
 There is a lot of change going on inside right now by virtue of the attention 
of public forum. Turq in his way has been part of that for years by force of 
his experience, personality and writing. I would miss him if he gets entirely 
hounded or completely embarrassed off of this forum. In the same way I feel it 
was really mean the way they hounded Judy personally off this list and out of 
this community. Rick and the moderators should have stopped that before the 
 I would hope we could all be kinder with one another in process. 
 Jai Guru Dev, 
 -Buck in the Dome 

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