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  In the same way I feel it was really mean the way they hounded Judy 
personally off this list and out of this community. Rick and the moderators 
should have stopped that before the end. 

 Huh? I don't remember Judy being hounded off the list. She got no more 
kickback than usual anyway. In fact, she gave every impression of revelling in 
a good row. And she'd amassed a group of fans, I recall she just quit posting 
and that was that.

 I would hope we could all be kinder with one another in process. 

 It's the wild, wild web Buck. It's just the way things are done, there's 
trolls everywhere, I don't think Barry is one of them either.

 So, what happened at the meeting, who said what and what are they going to do 
about it?



 Jai Guru Dev, 
 -Buck in the Dome 

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