Just in case folks here went looking for "The Knick" on HBO it's on Cinemax instead in the US. Cinemax is also known as Skinemax. :-D

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I watched the first episode of Steven Soderberg's new TV series "The Knick" a few weeks ago, realized immediately its depth, and Put It The Fuck Away Until I Had Time To Binge Watch The Whole Series At Once. I have only in the last few days been able to binge watch the whole series. I think it's one of the best things on television.

Soderberg did a kind of sideways shuffle into television with this series, coming as it does on the heels of his public announcement that he was done with making films, forever. Well, TV must not count as film, because he appears to have been Pretty Fuckin' Busy making this series. He wrote most of the scripts, directed all 10 episodes, and IMO basically created a weird kind of masterpiece that I suspect in the future will be favorably compared to "Deadwood" as being one of the best TV series ever created.

OK, for you in countries in which you'll have to pay HBO prices to see this and who resent that, it's kinda worth it. Say it costs you ten bucks. Just being able to watch Soderberg's cinematography when recreating 1900s New York would be worth ten bucks.

Oh it is far more than $10 or even $20. You have to have a cable or satellite subscription and you can just ask for HBO only. So you not only have to have the broadcast channels but usually one tier of the cable networks (FX, AMC, etc). So you can easily be paying $80 a month in programming before they will let you have HBO. If you are lucky or try to quit your provider they MAY offer HBO (or Showtime or Starz) for free for several months. Of course this is just a little fee finagling. Believe me, HBO still gets their bucks. And then there are the additional fees these comapanies charge like rentals for the DVR, etc.

The thing is the WRONG PEOPLE run the telecoms. It's like they came straight off a carnival midway. And we wonder why people pirate shows?

One solution is to find a friend or relative who has HBO and ask for their HBO GO app password. Lots of people do this and HBO knows this and currently doesn't care. In fact they are going to offer HBO next year via online service without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. I don't expect it will be that reasonably priced (has been hinted at $16 a month).

There's some good stuff of TV and of course a lot of terrible stuff (which has always been the case). Some of us cable cutters don't really like to get strung along by series and have taken to mainly watching movies which require far less time investment. It's all "bread and circuses" anyway.

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