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 Nah, it's a water war.  The water moguls want to sell us their water instead 
of having municipal water systems.  Water isn't a right, you know, at least 
according to the Nestle's CEO (they now own Arrowhead bottled water).
Ah yes, I've heard about that. He sounds really charming, must invest in that 
reasonable sounding strategy...

 Let us know when you are only allowed to breathe Nestle's own brand air and 
I'll send you a bottle or two of London's finest.

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 But less and less in California.  We're predicting an inverse Okie migration.

 What have you done with it all, exported it to Vegas perhaps?
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   ...and some of it is really, really old....

 Much of Earth's Water Is Older Than the Sun
 Much of Earth's Water Is Older Than the Sun The finding suggests that water is 
commonly incorporated into newly forming planets throughout the Milky Way 
galaxy and beyond, researchers said — good...

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