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 The way Maharishi explained the "illusion of Maya" is rather different than 
what a lot of people understand. 

 Consciousness is not an illusion, nor is what most people call "reality."

 The illusion is that there is a fundamental difference between them.


 This is the "veil of maya": a thin, non-existent membrane that separates the 
two which is merely an artifact of our perception of things based on having a 
nervous system. Full enlightenment is when you can full see on both sides of 
that non-existent veil.

 I'll go along with that, except for the bit about seeing everything on both 
sides after enlightenment. 



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 This may be above my pay-grade, but if one is a transcendentalist/idealist, 
then belief in classic cause and effect is incompatible with that belief . . . 
or one has to significantly qualify what is meant by cause and effect.   Many 
folks who refer to them selves as transcendentalists/idealists are actually 
dualists, or simply rebranded materialists (I am not suggesting you are)

Regarding the 'illusion' - when you pick up an object, like an apple for 
example, what does your experience tell you?    When I pick up an apple, I see 
it's color and shape, I feel the texture and if pressed with a fingernail - I 
can sense the sticky juice, I taste the tart sweetness . . . and I remember 
apple pies and so forth.  My experience of the apple is passionate and lively - 
Where is the illusion?  Toss in more awareness and all you get is more passion 
- there is no illusion.  'Illusion' is just India of old - we don't need no 
stinking illusion in the 21st century.

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