A wise decision! The citizens' collective, here on FFL, was willing to go as 
high as a 2008 Escalade (option packages B and G only), or Hummer, H2 (fine 
print: downgrade to first class commercial, and meals restricted to a three 
thousand mile radius). Your cooperation is noted. 

 M. Fleetwood "Che" MacnCheese and the people

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 Ok, done. It was a tough negotiation with the car dealer, but I held my 
ground, and he ended up having to give me a rebuilt, salvage title 2003 Pontiac 
Vibe in exchange for the Veyron. Booyah!

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 An Open Letter To Management 

 Look Alex, I like you, but you are going to have to start doing your job 
around here, moderating, or the perks stop; no more unlimited flights on leased 
jets, the Dubai "luncheon" was clearly excessive, and your FFL "oversight fees" 
last year, exceeded the GDP of Jamaica. I know Rick is trying to make up the 
difference - Interview "service charges" on BATGAP are now at an all time high 
(~$3,000 per event), but reasonable is reasonable. Perhaps an immediate 
downgrade, from the Bugatti Veyron "company car", could be a quick, good faith 

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 I'm still quite busy with real life, but when I see references to "moderators 
should have blah blah blah" it's time for me to remind folks that Rick already 
has the forum moderated as he sees fit. As for Judy, unless I missed something, 
we don't know what's up with her or why she left.

 Personally, I don't understand why people would be drawn to engage in the ego 
monkey bullshit that makes up the bulk of FFL's traffic, but it is what it is. 
I do understand why people object to Barry's toxic behavior, but that's who he 
is and what he does, and it has not changed. So, why keep reacting to an energy 
creature who seeks reaction?


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