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 Looks grand and amazing! Just keep that water moving, to avoid skeeters. 

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 We have decided to stay at this place for the winter and we are trying to 
locate the owner to make him an offer. If anyone has any information please 
forward it to us. If we do not hear from anyone soon we are going to build a 
place like this ourselves. Thanks.

 Please do. We shall have a party there. We shall be kind to each other. I will 
dip a toe into the water and sip some exotic but alcoholic drink and chat with 
a fellow party goer and we shall listen to the cicadas and the moving water 
(because Ricky installed a small fountain in the middle of the surrounding 
water feature to keep the mosquitos unhappy). It shall be so much fun. It will 
remind us of our past lives living in India in the warm evenings when the hot, 
scorching sun has lowered beyond the horizon line and now we can come out and 
enjoy the more moderate temperatures, smell the moistening air and prepare for 
a full moon soon to rise and illuminate the columns and palm fronds with grey 
light. I can't wait. I hope you get the lease on this place - I can feel it 

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