Spiritually, people should speak the sweet truth. 

 Saha Nav,

 satyam bruyat, priyam bruyat       speak the truth, speak sweetly
na bruyat satyam apriyam |          don't speak truth in an unloving way
priyam ca nanritam bruyat           don't speak untruth in a pleasant way
esha dharmah sanatanah ||           this is the eternal law 

 Or, TM Saha Nav: never do we speak negativity, never do we denounce anyone,


 Apostasy is just wrong thinking clearly getting over the line.  Or as the 
Shakers would have said in their way, "Out of Union with the Gospel."

 An apostate of course is different from someone just being a critic. The 
critic, who as a satisfied and regular practitioner may offer some criticism as 
in a state of critique. Such critique is then also quite different in grade 
from those others being more negative and then again from states of pernicious 
negativity advocacy, like those people who are both quitters and haters in 
method. That becomes a pretty clear sign of someone who has fallen in to TM 
 We should be mindful and clear about this as we filter our reading and 
interacting with our fellow community members here. That is justly good and 
sound subtle spirituality. Yes, like considering the source of posts I 
certainly sort my incoming mail accordingly. Om we should have, we could have 
better sorted the FFL membership here accordingly from way back with more 
aggressive moderation against the apostaic spam of outright apostasy here. 
Posting on FFL should be held a privilege and not just some right. Saha Nav,
 -Buck, a Satisfied Customer by the Practise of Maharishi's Transcendental 
Meditation Programme   


 Yes, that 'Disaffiliation';   Friends, for any of us we certainly know an 
apostate when we see one. For instance, with The Science of Creative 
Intelligence of which TM is the practical application. Seeing as US 
jurisprudence judges SCI to be a Religion it would not be a stretch to say that 
people who would renounce TM just by dropping or quitting the practice of said 
meditation and who then promote publicly against TM with an advocacy of 
negativity are in fact in an apostate state: apostate, as apostates in 
apostasy. Q.E.D., TM Apostates.

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <authfriend@...> wrote:

 As I'm pretty sure both Xeno and Barry know, apostasy is not limited to 
defection from a religion. One can become an apostate from any previous loyalty.

 > 'Apostasy is the formal disaffiliation from or abandonment or renunciation 
 > of a religion by a person. One who commits apostasy is known as an 
 > apostate.' 
> As I never was the member of any religion, I cannot ever be correctly accused 
> of apostasy. As the TM org claims it is not a religion, so no one can ever be 
> correctly accused for disafilliating or abandoning TM as apostasy (unless of 
> course the TM org is lying about that claim). 

 It's an NPD Thang, Xeno. If you've convinced yourself that the POV held by 
your self is "true," and that any POV that contradicts it is is "untrue," then 
you get to make up the rules. There is absolutely *no problem* with declaring 
someone an apostate from an organization that you declare is not a religion. :-)

It's a lot like having an argument in which there is only one participant -- 
the person trying to start the argument -- and then declaring one's self the 
"winner." :-)

Narcissistic Personality Disorder really *does* explain almost all of the 
aberrant behavior we see on FFL. I would suggest that this mental disorder is 
the true legacy of Maharishi's teachings. 



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