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This sounds like a pretzeling "moment"

/It seems dirt simple to me. We are all bound by karma, which means actions, past and present. If a person does good deeds, he or she will be reborn in a better life. ///On the other hand, if a person does bad things, in the past or present, he or she will get reborn in hell, or a less than satisfactory situation. /////It's not complicated.//

In some rare cases, if a person follows a spiritual path, does the work and realizes enlightenment, that person, if he or she has really good karma, may not have to be reborn again, unless they choose to do so, to help the rest of the world get free. ////But, you are only going to get as much enlightenment as you are going to get.//
//So, based on my experience, what I've been told and what I have figured out - *I believe in Life; what it does to you and what you do back. */

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    /Xeno didn't even recognize the dissonance in Barry's preference
    for Bruce Cockburn songs. Everyone knows Cockburn is a born-again
    Christian. What about Barry's claim that a "belief in God is a
    form of mental illness." /

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    This could explain how Winthrop and Albert worked on the
    non-weapon part, of an exclusively weapons project, in which
    one of them was denied security clearance.

    /This is an example of cognitive dissonance - the mental stress or
    discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more
    contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time.//
    //What I'm trying to do is alert Barry that he is exhibiting some
    roughness by posting contradictory messages to the group. Everyone
    already knows that Barry believes in Buddhas, karma, and
    reincarnation and that he bought and read Sam Harris' new book.
    ///Everyone already knows that (except apparently Xeno).

    /The thing that doesn't make any sense is, why Barry didn't
    understand what Harris wrote. It seems pretty simple to me. Harris
    makes a clear case for the value of spirituality, which he bases
    on his experiences in Buddhist meditation.

    Go figure./

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