Jesus Christ - the Movement is DESPERATE for attention and adulation. Look at 
this piece of crap article with all of its allegedly and thought to haves. I 
can't wait for this Modi to really show what a lying corrupt ass he is so the 
Movement can run like hell away from him like they have done with Stephen 

As if Modi's actions in Gujarat are not already enough - have a look at this:
Is Modi corrupt?
corruption in Modi's Gujarat  
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Not to mention his complicity in the riots and deaths in Gujarat in 2002:

A period of extreme communal violence occurred in Gujarat during February-March 

There is considerable evidence from independent sources (including 
perpetrators, victims and police) of Modi's complicity in the events 
which unfolded in 2002. 

At the time, Modi made several inflammatory, communal speeches, many of which 
are now available online. In a series of "stings" by Tehelka, perpetrators of 
the violence repeatedly testified how the violence 
would not have been possible if Narendra Modi had not sent out clear 
directives to the administration to look the other way. 

See, for 
example, the hidden camera interview with Bajrang Dal leader and convicted mass 
murderer Babu Bajrangi. This version of events is also supported by another 
Bajrang Dal leader, Haresh Bhatt who claimed that Narendra Modi gave the 
perpetrators of the violence in 2002 a free hand for three days: "Modi told me 
I'll give you three days. Do whatever you want, you will 
not be touched." Several of these interviews are collected here.
How was Modi involved in Gujarat 2002?
Modi's involvement in the violence of 2002  
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The Movement is a full of shit as a Christmas goose to tie themselves to a man 
like this, but considering how corrupt Marshy was, it is understandable that 
the TMO has low standards. 

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Is Narendra Modi a Transcendental Meditation follower?
Transcendental Meditation may have another celebrity follower in the form of 
Narendra Modi, India's new PM - who is said to have visited Maharishi in 1992  
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