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OCTOBER 24, 2014

How Transcendental Meditation Helped Me Find What I Was Looking For
Brian B. Baker, Delusions of Ink Blog/ October 21, 2014
Blogger Brian B. Baker describes his struggles with family conflict, financial 
loss, and suicidal depression until he learned the TM® technique. “I still 
suffer from migraines, though they occur once a month, not the three or four a 
week I used to deal with. I’ve discovered how wonderful my wife is all over 
again, how much I love her, and how absolutely magical our love is.”  ...more
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David Lynch Talks Transcendental Meditation & Filmmaking
The Talks / October 15, 2014
David Lynch explains how he came to learn the TM technique, and how it 
influences his work in films. “You can catch ideas at a deeper level when you 
start meditating. Intuition grows, and intuition is the number one tool for an 
artist—feeling and thinking combined. When you are working on a painting, it’s 
like you know, and you enjoy the doing so much. It’s the same way with films. 
The enjoyment of working increases, the enjoyment of everything increases.”  
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