Curtis and Barry's message is always the same, "My life sucks, but look over 
there, look what Maharishi did XX years ago! How scandalous, how horrible, how 
beautifully distracting!!". As the bumper sticker says, "Same shit, different 
day". It is amazing, how, once their motivations are sussed out, Barry and 
Curtis become spectacularly uninteresting, and about as provocative as dirt. 
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 You're right and I have no regrets as I'm fed up with Curtis, the howler from 
the streets, pretending to have something useful to say about the Movement.

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 Just an ugly comment.

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 "Very Nabbie of you to slip in the poisonous "yet" when there is absolutely no 
connection or link between someone expressing their opinion here and violence 
of any kind."

 And Curtis claim to have studied philosophy. No wonder he ended up begging for 
cents on the streets as a reward for screaming and calling it "art".

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