Hardly bland - very telling stuff, shows what a cult TM was even in the early 
days at the top levels. 

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In this day and age, people are not that naive. Perhaps you and a few others 
got sucked in, thinking the TMO was the greatest paradise, ever. But the 
overwhelming majority of us saw Maharishi's organization for what it was, made 
up of well intentioned, inexperienced, unenlightened human beings. Apparently, 
from the way she talks about it, Gina's days in the TM Movement, were the most 
fascinating, and interesting, in her life, as she has made a shadow career out 
of telling, and retelling, these few stories of hers. I hope the ten or so 
people who showed up, enjoyed it. Not at all revelatory, and really, pretty 

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Gina Catena gave a talk at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco - excellent, 
excellent talk, even the question and answer part where a couple shills for the 
TM Movement show what asses they are.

This is audio only

Cult or Benign Cure-all? Life in Transcendental Meditati...
Mon, Oct 20 2014 - 5:15pm Gina Catena, MS, CNM, NP; Contributor and Speaker, 
International Cultic Studies Association  
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