He should just take the Alfred E. Newman way of "What? Me worry?"

After all, he is a decades long practitioner of TM and the TM Siddhi Program 
which we all know is 10,000 times more powerful than TM alone! So he has got to 
have a great deal of support of nature going for him. Plus he can always wear 
expensive jyotish gem stones and get yagyas done. 

I wonder if they have a yagya for getting people to not look at you as a 
pedophile anymore?

Heck, he should just get a job with the Movement. We all know how well they 
stick up for people who have done stuff for them in the past.
Stephen Collins' Wife -- He's Unemployable Because He's a Pedophile!
Stephen Collins' estranged wife is indignant he's bellyaching he can't get work 
because of that audiotape in which he '7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins - 
Confesses on Tape to Child Molestation ... NYPD Investigating ...Faye Grant 
says the real reason he can't get work is because he's a pedophile.

Collins' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, filed legal docs saying, "Faye's decision 
to parade that recording ... 
has resulted in Stephen having no income other than investment income 
and pension income."

Now Grant's lawyer, legal pitbull Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "The tape has 
nothing to do with Mr. Collins' plight.  It is Mr. Collins' horrific conduct 
and actions that have caused him damage."

 calls Collins a pedophile, adding, "It is also unfortunate that Mr. 
Kaplan is attempting to justify his client's conduct by diverting blame 
onto third parties."
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