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What if there were a type of fiction that -- intentionally -- catered to 
believers in religious fantasies that predict a coming apocalypse that 
(according to their dogma) will kill all but the most faithful believers? What 
would its primary characteristics be? 

M: I believe it is called the book of Revelations! You nailed why such a 
psychotic rant was included in the books of the Bible. One aspect of heaven 
that was added later was the idea that you not only are in Heaven with God, not 
good enough, you get to see the sinners burn in hell like an eternal Halloween 
scare-a-thon movie week schedule.

I think you have nailed in a different way the core of Jim and Nabbie's 
behavior here toward you and Michael and me. It is pretty ugly. They have 
twisted living well is the best revenge into telling stories about them not 
living well will be our revenge. This is the continuum that leads to the 
inquisition. It is in our human nature deep. The routine they ran on Michael 
was the next step out there IMO, equating him with terrorists. Very ugly stuff.

It's a very strange mindset, this Inquisition stuff. Nabby's *always* been like 
this, and I think Jim has picked it up lately since it's become apparent that 
he can't point to a single person on the planet who actually believes his tales 
of being enlightened. Jim's entire life seems to revolve around these 
fantasized stories he tells about himself, so when NO ONE believes them, he 
panics, and feels he has to lash out and tell equally made-up stories about 
other people.  

What is more disturbing is when people like Steve and Buck do exactly the same 
thing. Bottom line, as you address in other threads, is that they've all 
seemingly sunk to the level of Richard Williams, willing to lie and make up 
things to "get" the people they don't like. Their anger is so great and their 
cognitive dissonance buttons are so pushed that they really *don't see anything 
wrong with this*. They seem to think they're actually somehow "defending TM" 
and acting as good examples of TMers while lying like this. 
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