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 For some unknown reason you used to put videos on youtube of your 
"performance" which explains my impression. If you do no longer feel they are 
representative that's Ok, we all move on. Are they still there or did you 
wisely delete them ?

M: I believe the video documentary short of my work done by CNN is up, is that 
what you mean?

The point is that you don't know anything about what success I have had in my 
field, you are making up a story about me to suit your agenda. I am not 
objecting to your opinion of my music. That is your business and I appreciate 
your listening to form one. My music needs to satisfy me and the people who pay 
me to play it. I really don't care about anyone who doesn't like it, that is 
none of my business. No artist pleases everyone, that is the nature of the 
business and we are all entitled to our own taste. 

What I object to is your assumptive bullshit about how well I support myself 
with my music. I am in the middle class here probably, just like you are in 
your country. I am very proud that I achieved this for the last 8 years on my 
music and musical education alone without a "day job" so common for people in 
creative fields.

Your assumptions of what busking is or what buskers earn compared to club gigs 
is based on complete ignorance. It isn't my job to educate you. I actually 
prefer that people believe what you do about it. It keeps amateurs off my spot. 
But after 20 years you might conclude that it is worth my time during tourist 

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