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 Curtis, I just think that FFL would be way more enjoyable if people could 
disagree and or refute each other without getting personal in a nasty way. 
That's all.

M: I agree but my bar is lower. I want Jim and Nabbie to stop lying about me 
and how I live to demean me personally instead of dealing with what I say in an 
intellectually honest way. As Louis Armstrong said "you blows what you is" so I 
am not expecting them to stop their routine.

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   Share I appreciate your being sweet here but honestly I have no problem with 
Nabbie's opinion of my work. I am proud of any video or CD of me no matter how 
long ago it was. I am a life long work in progress with my music like all 
artists. I think it is perfectly valid for Nabbie to form an opinion from any 
performance he has seen or heard of me. If he didn't like me then he probably 
wont like me now.

My complaint was his assumptions about how well I make a living from my art in 
order to denigrate me. Nabbie clutches to his image of street performance not 
knowing where I perform outside on a board walk behind a famous Alexandria art 
center on the Potomac river. My show is a much appreciated institution in my 
area, I am a one man tourist attraction! I am keeping the blues alive for 
people who might never hear real acoustic blues in their lives. I am just as 
proud of that work as any other I do in music.

As a matter of public record I have also performed at D.C.'s National Theater 
and Wolf Trap National Performing Arts Center among other places with more snob 
cache than busking. All gigs are the same for me, I get paid to do what I love. 
Busking is not higher or lower, it is just a piece of my puzzle to make the 
kind of living I want from my art.

But thanks for the kind intentions, I do appreciate your sticking up for me.


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 Really, Nabby?! Your gonna do the pretend thing?! Ok, I'll play along and 
respond as straight forwardly as I can: I don't think it's valid to judge 
someone's artistic gifts by a few youtubes posted some time ago. Nor do I think 
it's ok to express one's criticism of someone's art in such a nasty way as you 
have. Regardless of what that person has said about something you treasure. 


 We honor what we treasure by being and acting like decent human beings. imo. 
And in disagreements, that means we refute what we know to be inaccurate. And 
we say that we strongly disagree when we do. But we don't get nasty and 
personal. Again, just my opinion.


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   Who said I'm in an argument with Curtis, I'm not. You see, someone who calls 
himself an artist while busking on the streets can't be taken seriously, at 
least not when it's on the level Curtis himself has proven by the videos he 
posted on youtube of himself making terrible noises on streetcorners while 
begging for money.




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