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the battle zone of FFL!

--- steven klayman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Re:Deeksha
> dear rick,
> I saw my name mentioned in one of the recent posts
> regarding deeksha. I just got back on fflife tonite
> so
> here is my reply which is followed by a mailing i
> sent
> out here in texas.
>    I know things sometimes get kind of rough on
> fflife
> so i am not going t o argue or get into intellectual
> and philosophical discussions about it.
> i do not take Bhagavan as my guru and I do not
> intend
> to defend him or his stated goals of bringing
> enlightenment to the masses. I have only my
> experiences to go on and the experiences of others
> with whom i have discussed this.This is about
> experiences, not talking about experiences. I was
> not
> looking for another path. It is not a technique, or
> a
> sadhana,
> or a religion. I have not been asked to recruit
> anyone
> or send them any money, even though I charge for
> giving deeksha. 
> I called the monk in charge of organizing the US for
> Bhagavan and told her about the distraught Indian
> fellows post. I wanted to know what the deal
> seems he conveniently failed to mention that they
> allow the Indians to take the 21 day process for
> free
> if they recruit 30 people. So perhaps his "pressure"
> was self induced. Whatever... I heard Ammachi say
> recently"dont expect to be praised for your good
> works." I imagine the fellow has an axe to grind 
> and
> if his complaint is legitimate so be it. It is a
> young
> organization so there will be a learning curve.
> (Ithink we all have experienced the learning curve).
> I have only been getting deeksha since July but I
> now
> understand why people are so excited about it.
> Meditation has been my favorite sadhana but i admit
> i
> was like a rock. Meditation had often been very good
> but that was about it. After deeksha i had fantastic
> bliss along with waking state witnessing that was
> unmistakable. It was not like, "Am i witnessing or
> just thinking about witnessing." It was strong and
> intense. Now there is frequent causeless joy.
>  i can appreciate what Bhagavan is doing now that i
> saw the immensity of the structures and campuses
> that
> he has built and is building. There are 4 campuses
> in
> Golden City. Our accomodations had A/C, good
> drinking
> water on all the floors and were clean and beds made
> for us every day. it was designed with westerners in
> mind. Three other tm teachers were on my course.
> Even
> Purusha was represented.
>    JAcque, the  former national leader of Holland,
> is
> giving deeksha in Lelystad, the TM siddha village
> outside of amsterdam. He, of course told MMY what
> his
> experience was wit h deeksha, and MMy did  not
> disapprove of his intentions. Jacque felt he should
> resign as national leader because of a conflict of
> interest perhaps. He was not asked to step down.  I
> believe this month he is bringing a group of TM
> teachers to Golden City, near Chennai to be trained
> in
> deeksha. Sri Sri ravi Shankar, Chalanda Ma, the
> healer
> Ron Roth have all been wit hBhagavan recently and
> now
> give deeksha. I dont know how well trained Chalanda
> Ma's people are since I believe (i could be
> mistaken)
> she trained them herself. If you want to experience
> deeksha i would go with nathan zanick.
> Since most of the time we were in silence i did not
> get to discuss very much wit hothers altho a danish
> fellow told me the story of his healing of his torn
> meniscus in the middle of the nite the first nite he
> was there. I had my own healing miracle done by the
> doctor on the premises. My life is  blissful every
> day. 
> One thing troubled me. I realized that my body was
> not
> my body and tha t my thoughts were not my
> thoughts.Then the dasa told us we were just a
> concept,
> that we didnt really exist. i told my roommate i was
> pissed. first i am not my body, then i am not my
> thoughts and then i dont even exist. I paid
> thousands
> of dollars for this ?
> he responded,"What are you worrying about? It wasnt
> your money."
> here is the email i sent out t ofriends in texas.
> its my story and i am sticking to it.!!!
> Dear friends,
>    As some of you may know I have recently moved
> back
> to my house in Austin. I am glad to be home. I got
> back sept.16 and promptly left for India on sept.
> 30.
> Now I am here to stay. I will tell you my story
> briefly because it is an exciting one for me and the
> many thousands of others.
>    For a variety of reasons I had decided in July of
> 2005 to leave the Devi Mandir where I had been with
> my guru Shree Maa for 6 years. I had planned to
> return
> to austin  by oct. 1. In late july a TM friend and a
> member of the Devi Mandir family, Steven Shimer,
> said
> to me at his house in Fairfield, California, "Steve,
> I
> have made more spiritual progress in the last 3
> weeks
> than I have made in the last 10 years."  I asked
> what
> he was doing and he and Kathy Unger, his wife told
> me
> they were going to Berkeley each week for deeksha.
> Of
> course I asked what was deeksha. He explained to me
> that some people had been to India and been trained
> by
> two saints, Bhagavan and Amma, to transmit the
> Divine
> energy into peoples crown chakra and that they would
> begin a rapid process of enlightenment or awakening.
>    I trusted Steve and Kathy completely and i went.
> Each of the first 3 times I went I found it pleasant
> but nothing to get excited about. Some people loved
> it
> right from the start. I went a 4th time and I
> thought
> my socks would get blown right off my feet.
> The bliss was intense and I could barely walk or
> drive. WOW!!!! This was what they were talking
> about.
> I decided to stay in the Bay area and really check
> it
> out. Other friends checked it out also. Fantastic
> was
> the final decision. I have had the spiritual
> experiences I had been reading about for decades.
> And
> I continue to have some of them daily and they
> continue to
> deepen. I had given up on enlightenment. I knew many
> spiritual people from many different disciplines.
> The
> one thing they had in common was they talked about
> enlightenment. If anybody had it, well...... it
> certainly was not for the masses. Even those who did
> hard sadhana had very little to show for it.
>    Bhagavan and Amma are avatars whose specialty is
> enlightenment. They have trained me to pass on this
> Divine energy through deeksha. There is no teaching,
> no techniques to do, nothing to read. Just come and
> receive deeksha with an attitude of gratitude.
> Bhagavan calls himself a technician. Just as you sit
> in the chair and open your mouth for the dentist, so
> you sit in the chair and let the person place the
> Golden energy into your head. Thats it.
> If you are so moved, come to my house in Radiance
> and
> receive deeksha:
>         Tuesday, Nov 15
>         7:30 pm- 9:30 pm
>         1 Concord Circle
>         Austin, Texas 78737
>         suggested donation- $25 - $35
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