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Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be The New A-Bomb

Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be ...
Person of Interest returns tonight with an even scarier look at ubiquitous 
surveillance than before. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dave Maass is 
fascinated b...  
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The most intelligent examination of AI in the entertainment world these days is 
a TV show called "Person Of Interest," created by Jonathon Nolan. Nolan is the 
brother of Christopher Nolan, and was co-writer of many of his big hits, such 
as "The Dark Night," "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Prestige," and the short 
story on which his brother's "Memento" was based. He'll also be the writer of 
his brother's upcoming "Interstellar," already getting great reviews in 

"Person Of Interest" made history by predicting a complex arrangement of 
computers and closed-circuit TV and surveillance equipment so vast and so 
uncontrolled that it could watch literally every minute of our lives. 
Interestingly, Nolan did this and put it on mainstream TV *before* Snowdon blew 
the whistle and revealed that the NSA had this ability in real life and was 
*already* watching pretty much every moment of our lives. 

The main difference in "Person Of Interest" is that the force behind all of 
this uber-surveillance is "the machine," an AI developed by Harold Finch 
(Michael Emerson from "Lost"). In the early seasons this AI gains sentience and 
begins to help Finch and his associates keep normal people from harm. But in 
the last two seasons it's taken a far darker turn, as a competing AI has 
entered the picture, and now they are dueling in cyberspace, trying to 
establish dominance. 

It's actually a fun and entertaining series. I particularly like Amy Acker as 
Root, a brilliant computer nerd/psychopath who first starts as an enemy of "the 
machine" and who later becomes its disciple. Yes, disciple. It "sees all, and 
knows all," so what, after all, distinguishes it from God? 

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The dangers of human intelligence are known well enough. Maybe we should try 
something different? The problem is we are creating AI, if it mimics us, we can 
expect it to do the things we do. Regardless of whether we regard machines as 
conscious or not (an unanswered philosophical question), machines can be aware 
of their environment in a mechanistic sense (suspiciously like how we are aware 
of our environment). A real AI machine would be a self learner and how 
dangerous such a machine might be would probably be determined how autonomously 
it can function in the world and how complex its neural net is.

This has been the fodder of science fiction (Colossus:The Forbin Project; 2001: 
A Space Odyssey and the Terminator series of motion pictures) where the 
technology goes awry. On the other hand science fiction has positive examples 
of this (City; The Bicentennial Man; The City and the Stars; andI Robot to name 
a few novels) where artificial intelligence is generally presented as 
beneficial in relation to biological organisms.

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Elon Musk warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Is he right?


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