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6. Finally, do you think you'd still be welcome in Vlodrop or in any official 
TM flying facility? 

Absolutely. My standing in the Movement is without blemish and I can join any 
flying-facility anytime I like, internationally a letter of approval is 
necessary and no problem at all.

Easy to say, difficult to prove, especially for someone who "never has the 
time" to do anything to do what his supposed teacher (MMY) told him to do. So 
what you're saying is that you have CHOSEN to disregard your teacher's 
instructions and have CHOSEN to never do your TMSP program in a group, rather 
than having been prevented from doing so. All while putting down those who 
might have done the same. Interesting. 

I'm really interested in your answer to the last question, because I've been 
contacted by someone in Europe who has offered to give me your real name and 
the real story of why you are no longer part of the TM movement and are instead 
hiding out in Norway. It'll be interesting to compare this person's version 
with your own. 

Yeah right. These people are as non-excistent as Your "lurking reporters". And 
I'm very much part of the Movement but never had the time nor the opportunity 
to do the rectification courses though offers to take it comes at regular 
intervals every year. 

Right.  :-)  By the way, the word is "recertification," Nabby, not 
"rectification." The former refers to the course you would have had to take to 
still be considered a TM teacher and thus still part of the TM movement. The 
latter involves having things shoved up your rectum. :-)

Thanks for playing, though. At the very least you've got more balls than Jim 

However, I've noticed that despite many requests you still haven't posted any 
links to any of the photographs you consider YOUR art. Should we assume that 
this is because you're still an amateur and thus ashamed of them, or that it's 
because you're afraid to expose yourself to the same kind of criticism you've 
been aiming at Curtis? Curious minds want to know...  :-)

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