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Oh no no no no Sal! Haven't you read Share's gushing posts about what a grand effort the TMO is officially putting forth to combat suicides in Fairfield??? They certainly don't need to admit TM isn't the cure for all things. They are doing all SORTS of fabulous things, all created and orchestrated by the magnificent TMO!!
/Except, there is no "TMO", that's just a straw man you made up in order to change the subject from the issue at hand. Use your head - if there was a "TMO" there would be one organization to administer the movement world-wide with a director and a capable administration.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a "straw man" is a common type of argument that someone brings out to intentionally misrepresent the original topic of the argument. It's like when two people are debating something and one guy is losing the argument big time, so he tries to change the subject to cover his losses. //

The only thing that has been established here is that you and Turq appear to have some kind of mental illness, maybe related to obsession or cognitive dissonance.

How's that Kung Foo working out for you?/

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