Nothing wrong with Blue states as long as the blue doesn't mean Police State. Traditionally it is the right wing that wants authoritarian government. My suggestion is this election vote NEITHER Republican or Democrat. Vote for some third party candidate. Let's mix things up a bit. The Dems keep begging for money but they lost a lot of support by not supporting their constituents and supporting Wall Street instead. They behaved like just another shade of Republican.

And of course I support only legal immigration. Illegals make bad gardeners who can't do accounting and overbill.

On 10/26/2014 09:35 AM, wgm4u wrote:

The Democrats are desperate for more illegal immigrants that will eventually vote for them. These undocumented Democrats will sway close races in their favor and eventually cause Major states to go Blue.

This will be a great Victory for the Democrats, unfortunately not for America as it continues to grow the entitlement society we are becoming.

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