/Some people are going into a panic and close to hysteria about the Ebola outbreak. Now we've even got people in a panic about people being in a panic. //Go figure./ /
//At first there was neglect, then a panic, now it's an anti-panic situation. It looks like the average American is safe. Rita has a better chance of winning the state lottery than you have of getting Ebola. But, the situation may get a lot worse before it gets better. The scary part is how Ebola can mutate and is subject to natural selection.

At this point there's not much science to it - anything we say now can't be carved in stone.

This Ebola Halloween scare is like a nightmare, except it's real life: the walking dead, sneezing and coughing, getting sick on the sidewalk and crapping all over the subways - the result of a rabid virus infection; zombies, what's left of them, wandering all over town and the countryside trying to get some help//, any help. /

/Repeat after me:/

"...people infected with Ebola cannot spread the disease until they begin to display symptoms, and it cannot be spread through the air."

'The Ebola Anti-Hysteria Hysteria'
Wall Street Journal:
/The Ebola virus is highly contagious, but o//nly when you have a fever and are exhibiting symptoms. When treating an Ebola patient you have to wear protective suits and avoid contact with the patient's bodily fluids//. Everyone who has contacted the patient should be monitored for symptoms. //
//According to what I've read, the best way to prevent the spread of Ebola is to treat the disease and try to eradicate it where it originated - in West Africa. So, some doctors, nurses, and care givers and the U.S. army are going over there to help the people. //
// The question is, what to do when the caregivers come back to their home countries. What would you do when a doctor or nurse pr some//body //returns to the U.S?//

 1. /Checked for symptoms at at the airport/
 2. /Self-quarantined at home/
 3. /Self-monitored at home/
 4. /Tested at a major medical center/


 1. /Not allowed back into the U.S.A.//
 2. /Tracked/
 3. /Hounded/
 4. /Hunted/
 5. /Arrested/
 6. /Locked up/
 7. /All of the above/
 8. /None of the above/

///So, who is going to want to go over to Africa to care for Ebola patients?/

'UTA grad isolated at New Jersey hospital as part of Ebola quarantine'
Dallas Morning News:

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