The TM-org projects an image as if it's honest, ethical, 
scientific, objective. But in reality it's dishonest, lying, 
cheating, superstitious, un-scientific organisation.

It's very much like some people who project themselves to be 
honest, ethical, impartial, objective, and yet later they 
turn out to be, dishonest, unethical, deceitful, insincere. 
The problem with net interaction is it takes years to find 
that out.

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 my position is to call a spade a spade. What makes you think the people who 
learned their craft from Marshy who was a con artist and liar, who taught them 
that they were and are above the laws of man and considerations of ethical 
behavior because they are the custodians of "supreme knowledge" and are privy 
to a magnificent view of the universe that the rest of us are too coarse and 
ignorant to see would ever change what has been working for them all these 

 You are hanging onto a fantasy that will never be fulfilled. The TMO, its 
leaders, its mid level and low level managers all behave with that energy that 
Marshy taught them works - and none of it has ever done a thing for the people 
of the world, regardless of those who believe the very fact of getting a mantra 
is some big deal.

 To illustrate, I offer you a piece of writing my friend Bill sent me after I 
sent him the Gina Catena audio. I think Bill makes some cogent points, albeit 
from a Christian point of view.

"I have a friend who over the past 10 years or so pulled himself out of a 
marriage to a mentally ill and abusive wife.  It took a lot of counseling for 
him to recognize his situation, but he finally extricated himself and his 
teenage daughter from this situation.  


 One of the things he told me he learned from this experience is that families 
can become “cults”.  When you hear Gina Catina’s story, you realize that the 
TMO provides fertile ground for the most dysfunctional sides of families to 
express themselves and thrive.  The same kind of things can happen in 
Christendom, when a vision of “sanctification” becomes a thing of worship to 
the exclusion of common sense spirituality.
I was thinking today that most of the problems of the TMO came from the attempt 
to move beyond the original intention to simply provide a meditation technique. 

The TMO tried to provide a foundation on which to build community, completely 
ignoring and rejecting the traditional foundation -  organized religion and all 
it stands for.  The social context that Christianity provides is a model of 
spiritual growth through giving selflessly of oneself based on the example of 
Jesus, whereas in the TMO this basic social context is absent.  The TM context 
is based on a selfish pursuit of self development at all costs.  

At the top of the TMO is a man who achieved something by sitting in a cave and 
having people take care of him.  This has it place and its own value, but 
doesn’t translate into a foundation for a social system.  

In spite of all the talk of dynamic activity, it doesn’t translate.  The 
ultimate message is one of disassociation of yourself not only from the 
activities of the world, but also from relationship with each other.  Compound 
that with a belief system where the man at the top is a perfect human being, 
and you have fertile ground for all kinds of dysfunction."


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   Om, Dear MJ; under a theory that ethics is a leading economic indicator of 
organizational life, could your vitriolic level as to TM, the Maharishi and the 
meditation he promulgated and some of TM's past leadership be malleable if the 
new TM movement has changed its ethical code and behavior? Or, are you locked 
in to your feelings and opinion? Just wondering. I am seeing quite a lot of 
change [movement] in the new TM movement.  Does that kind of healthy change 
dismay your position?


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