OTOH, it was also somewhat arrogant of Ronnie to tell him what he could or couldn't say. Same thing for those who try to shut down the fundamentalists or anyone else. Rude or not, if a philosophy can't stand up to criticism from even one person, one does wonder.

I did the kriya for a while and didn't get much out of it, altho I liked SSRS (we called him Punditji back in the good old days). Then again, I didn't get much out of the sidhis either.


On Nov 14, 2005, at 10:32 AM, Peter wrote:

I heard about this incident from Ronnie Newman, former
TMer who was and still working for SSRS. She saw Dean
and said hi and asked what he was doing there. When
Dean tried to speak she told him not to. Dean was
trying to be rude by calling SSRS, Mr. Shankar and
denouncing his actions because he did not talk about
his past association with the TMO. It was like when a
"Christian" fundamentalist would show up at a TM intro
lecture and speak with such great conviction about how
they were right and you were wrong. The poor audience
is usually left completely baffled by this display of
spiritual arrogance.

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