Yeah, I read the article. But I know scientists who agree with me that intelligent life on our neighboring planets may not exist "as we know it" because conditions on those planets may have evolved life in a different way than we would even recognize. Humans are SO VAIN!

Nature loves to replicate itself even on our own planet so logic sez that human like beings might exist on a lot of other planets in this universe where conditions warranted them developing the way they did here. We're mostly just souped up amoebas.

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He should go back to playing guitar. Hope he doesn't write computer code because his logic would be very flawed.

He actually played keyboards, but yes the logic as applied here is awful. But that's the fault of the Daily Mail's hysterical need for a catchy headline, our Brian wouldn't ever claim actual certainty for anything like this, though he might make a good argument for it being vanishingly unlikely. I shall watch the show and see what he does say.

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We are alone in the universe: Professor Brian Cox says alien life is all but impossible as humanity is 'unique' <>

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We are alone in the universe: Professor Brian Cox says a... <> The presenter and scientist blames a series of 'evolutionary bottlenecks' for the lack of extraterrestrial life on other planets, despite there being a vast...
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I'm kinda with the prof here, but we don't know enough of the variables to be able to say it with any certainty. One thing is for sure though: there's no intelligent life in the Daily Mail comments section...

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