I grew up on U.S. Air Force bases, among people who were very different, but 
could safely all be generalized as underachievers. If they were overachievers 
or even moderate achievers, they sure as fuck wouldn't have wound up as 
soldiers stationed in a backwater U.S. Air Force base in the Moroccan desert, 
an hour away from the nearest civilization (Marrakech). 

As it happens, this base was one of the "home bases" for the short-lived "U2" 
spy plane initiative, in which high-altitude planes were used to spy on the 
Soviet Union. I used to watch these planes land and then taxi to the end of the 
runway, as if we weren't supposed to know they were there. Duh. We all knew 
they were there. 

And to this day I have not encountered a *single* person other than myself -- 
officer or enlisted man, child of officer or child of enlisted man, or even 
civilian contractor on the base -- who does seem to have his or her own 
"special" story of U2 flights, and how they somehow found themselves at ground 
zero of one of those flights, and thus at the center of some amazing 
international event. 

I personally assume that not one of these stories is true, just as I assume 
that none of the "I was a scientist at Area 51" stories I've heard is true. 
These are just the kinda stories that ordinary human beings make up to pretend 
that they're not ordinary. The more "detail" they try to insert into their 
stories to "prove" that they were there, the less likely it is that there was 
any "there" to be present at. 

Dealing with people who make up stories about conspiracy theories like this to 
make themselves seem more important is like dealing with people who claim to 
have been better martial artists than they ever were. If one actually *was* a 
martial artist, you can take one look at how a person walks and know what their 
previous skill level (or lack thereof) as a martial artist was. What they say 
about themselves in words means nothing; what their body says about them when 
they move tells the real story. 

It's kinda the same with people who make up fantastic stories like these. Once 
you've sussed out the vibe of one person who was making this kinda stuff up to 
get a little -- or any -- attention, you can recognize the same vibe emanating 
from anyone else. These guys were never near any "Area 51," much less anything 

No, I don't believe them either. Even if the "whistle blowers" were credible 
the distances involved are enough to make me sceptical, especially with a mere 
nuclear reactor as propulsion. A nice warp drive would be more interesting, 
there's just no imagination in these alien stories. I'm sure a proper physicist 
would get a bit more caught up in questions like these than the UFO crowd do.

 I can see how the airforce would like stories like this to perpetuate though, 
what better way to distract the public from what they are really doing! 

 And a big puzzle is just when all this supposedly back-engineered stuff is 
going to be used by us. The stealth bomber was claimed by ufologists to be a 
case of alien tech but it can't fly in the rain, and it's computer system runs 
on Windows, and radar can still see the petrol cap! No wonder so many of them 
crashed, I think the Space Brothers would need a much more advanced craft than 
that to get here from Zeta Reticuli.


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