Directory of Active Fairfield Spiritual Practice Groups
Outside of Fairfield, people intently ask, ³What is going on in Fairfield?²
The spiritual, utopian side of Fairfield is something they are wondering
about. Fairfield has become recognized as a spiritual Mecca of sorts,
ranking with Sedona, Arizona, Boulder and Crestone, Colorado, Ashville,
North Carolina and the like. Within these past three decades, Fairfield
spiritual practice groups have matured, giving this community a rich, new
The long-time Fairfield meditating community today is its own center for
spiritual practice. The breadth of spiritual practice groups in Fairfield is
now a unique feature of our town in the 21st Century.
A Course in Miracles, Mondays 7:30 pm. Local contact: 472-7148.
Art of Living Foundation -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Meditation and program
schedule in Fairfield. 472-2053
Babaji Group: Local contact: 472-9952
Bapuji Group Shri Avadoot, better known as ³Bapuji². Local contact: 472-9260
Chalanda Sai Maa Satang in Fairfield
Group meditations based on the teachings of Chalanda Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.
First and third Monday of the month at 7:30 PM. Call for location &
information: 472-5175.
Circle of Sophia a holy order for women at St. Gabriel and All Angels, the
Liberal Catholic Church. Original worship celebration, written from sources
in ancient Christianity, enlivens the Feminine Divine for both men and
women. Celebrations monthly. 300 E. Burlington., 472-1645,
for information and calendar.
Deeksha Darshan and teachings of Bhagavan Kalki & Padmavati Amma
Fairfield contact for local program: 472-6948
Divine Mother Church in Fairfield
³We don¹t talk about God, we commune with God². Sundays 10 AM; 409 W.
Broadway; 472-0662.
Fairfield Ammachi Satsang
Ammachi Fairfield weekly schedule of meditation, chanting, and bhajans
contact: 472-8563
Fairfield Vedic Pujas, Yagyas and Ceremonies
Scheduled public events always open to interested persons. By Vedic Scholar
and Priest, Pandit Dhruv Narain Sharma: 630-240-3368 or (641) 209-5757
Fairfield Shri Karunamayi Satsang
Fairfield Group Meditation and Program.  472-8422
Fairfield Transcendental Meditation Programs: 641-919.8188 or 472-1174
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit in Fairfield
³Consciousness, Joy, and Devotion: Christianity that works.² Sundays, 11 AM,
Gateridge Building, 1100 N. 4th. 472-8737.
Friends Meeting Fairfield Society of Friends (Quakers) Un-programmed
Œsilent¹ meeting for worship. 472-8422.
Gangaji Group Local contact: 472-9476.
Golden Shield Qi Gong Fairfield practice: 641-919-3913.
Hatha Yoga classes. Sue Berkey: 472-6577
Henry Hertzberger Chanting, Pujas & Yagyas. Mahaganapati Temple Schedule:
Liberal Catholic Church in Fairfield
St Gabriel and all Angels, 300 E. Burlington. 472-1625
Manavata Mandir Vedic Temple
800 W. Burlington in Fairfield. 469-6041.

Mother Meera: 641.472.5149
Saniel Bonder, ŒWaking Down¹ in Fairfield. Sittings calendar: call 472-7182.
Scalar Group Meditation Programs
facilitated by Lilli Botchis. A unique opportunity as a group to research in
mind/body consciousness the universal themes of pure energy and
manifestation potential of HHFe Scalar wave regeneration system. Programs
designed to clear, balance and open the chakra system. 472-0129.
Shivabalayogi Group All are welcome. There is never any charge for Swamiji¹s
blessings. For further information, contact: 641-233-1025.
Svaroopa Yoga (641) 472-7499.
Tetra Building TM-Sidhi Meditation Practice Room Daily morning and afternoon
meditation facility for the practice of the TM-Sidhi meditation program. A
quiet, clean and convenient place Œto do program¹. Contact David Hawthorne
for use and membership information: 472-3799.
Transformational Prayer in Fairfield
For information on Fairfield activities, call 472-0662.

Wednesday Night Satsang - Every Wednesday starting at 8pm Central Time.
Kirkwood Apartments just east of Sidha Insurance near 4th and Kirkwood.
First apartment on the right, up the stairs.
The mechanics of what happens in the Wednesday Night Satsang is as follows.
With anywhere from a dozen or more awake people in the room there begins a
sharing of how the wholeness of the awakening has or is being
experienced/lived by one or more awake people. This sharing stirs the
wholeness into activity. Those in the room feel it in a palpable way. The
sharing of the experience of how it is gives everyone in the room direct and
complete understanding of what this wholeness is. Any one who is in the room
then has the direct physical experience of wholeness and the intellectual
understanding of how and why wholeness is lived. This completes the fullness
of both the experience and the intellectual understanding simultaneously.
That is how those who are in the room enhance their own awakening and those
who haven't quite got it complete the search. Tom Traynor - 919-6917

This directory was compiled using public notices, advertisements in The
Fairfield Weekly Reader, or by Web pages and Yellow Book searches for
listings. Most of these groups have e-mail lists for schedules and programs.
Contact them directly for more information. For additions and updated email

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