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 You're correct.  We have a case here of human beings who want to be gods.  If 
they can walk on water or fly, other people may believe that they're supermen, 
but not necessarily divine.

 John, this is an excellent distinction. Divinity - the very word holds power. 
To be divine, now that would be something. Super powers vs divinity. Human 
beings can be awed by what appears important but is just air-filled paper-thin 
membrane and yet the tiny seed that can exist within something big and bloated 
is what matters. Core strength, vitality, essence and, ultimately, goodness and 
love. Isn't this the crux of it all? Outer manifestation of some sort of 
divinity that perhaps links us to a creator, something that IS, that KNOWS, 
that EXISTS independent of believers or non believers. What does that entity 
know of or care about who believes or not? Just asking rhetorical questions 
here; not knowing is part of the fun.




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