Yea, it is funny.  And Barry's got this "talking points" thing going on, about 
how atheists, (excuse me, non theists) should go about responding to believers. 

 I think it went on for, like, five paragraphs.



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 ---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 I guess, he actually refers to himself as a "non theist".  I don't think it 
matters much.   

 What is odd, is that people here, on this site, are across the spectrum when 
it comes to "believers", with a heavy concentration on the non traditional end.

 But never mind that, with Barry, it's all about the "rant".

 He seems to have a self imposed "rant" quota every day.

 And we all pretty much know the "rant" by heart, especially the "moral of the 

 You got it Steve. I mean, who exactly are the Christians in this group that 
bawee and Salyavin are going on endlessly about? It'l like they're all at a 
children's book convention and they're up on their respective soap boxes 
sermonizing, pontificating at all the authors about the uselessness of reading 
comic books and how stupid comic book readers are. I mean, get a grip, they're 
not even preaching to the right audience. I wonder when they'll catch on. It's 
fun to watch though.

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