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From: Barry Wright <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:11:31 -0800 (PST)
To: Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: You OK?

Thanks for the concern, but it's unnecessary.

I moved from Paris to the south of France a little
over a week ago.  Since then it's been the normal
moving hassles, combined with classic French
bureaucracy and inefficiency hassles, so I just
haven't really been online much.  Until today, I
didn't even have my own Net connection, and had to use
my neighbor's.  In such a situation, one doesn't
really feel like sitting at their computer to keep up
with FFL.  :-)

As for the "troubles" here in France, it's difficult
for me to say anything because I've been so distant
from them, in every possible way.  I left Paris the
day or so after they started, and have been in the
hinterlands ever since.  My take on the whole thing,
if you want an American event to map it to, is the
Watts riots.  They weren't really *about* anything,
except that they were about a bunch of angry and
unhappy people who had found an excuse to vent that
anger and unhappiness.  My subjective take on the
situation here is that it's basically the same thing.
When searching for a "why" as to all of this, there
really isn't one.  People are angry because they're
angry, that's all.  And something gave them an
opportunity to vent, and they went for it.

The way this stuff is spreading indicates, to me, more
about the mob mindset than it does the European
political or cultural situation.  A few angry people
started it all, and then other angry people in other
towns saw it on TV and said to themselves, "Hey,
neat...these people are actually *doing* something
about this feeling of anger and impotence we share.
Maybe we should burn our own town down, too.  Then
we'd convince ourselves that *we* are doing something,

I'll probably drop back in to FFL as soon as my life
here gets settled, but for now you can convey this
message to the group to assure them that I'm fine.
More than fine, actually.  The silence here is truly
amazing.  I find here that it's actually difficult
*not* to meditate.  I'll be walking along and hear the
rushing of the river or the wind in the trees and pow!
I'm in a state of witnessing and my eyes tend to close
and I drift off into no-thought.  Pretty neat,
although it does tend to dampen one's cafe
conversations if it happens while people are sitting
there expecting a reply from you.  :-)

Best to all of you, and I'm sure I'll be back there
sometime soon...

Unc / Barry

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