Dear HamiltonD, otherwise known as Crazy Buck,

You can try to spin the lack of results from the "group program" in Fairfield 
any way you want. I choose to take the most obvious interpretation -- there 
have been no appreciable results because the entire IDEA of the TMSP affecting 
the environment was a huge crock of shit made up by Maharishi and sold to 
people gullible enough to believe it. They chose *to* believe it because they 
were desperate to feel that they were somehow more "important" in the world 
than they were. Since that was their primary motivation in life, they were 
willing to sacrifice jobs, salary, and living in a decent place and instead 
move to Fairfield to bounce around on their butts, waiting patiently for the 
promised World Peace and Age Of Enlightenment that *they* (being so important 
and all) were supposed to be creating. 

Decades later, they're still waiting. Worse, at several points along the way, 
having already taken the insane step of believing all this stuff, they fell 
prey to Maharishi screaming at them (while he was still alive, of course) and 
telling them that this obvious failure to see results in the world was THEIR 
fault. They were conscientious enough, they weren't doing their program 
"right," or they weren't "donating" enough money for yagyas and whatever else 
he claimed was still needed. And every time he tried to shame them into 
participating more or giving more, they fell for it again and allowed him to 
blame them. That, after all, was preferable to believing that they *weren't* 
important and at the center of world change.

Now comes this horseshit, just another round of trying to blame those still 
around and still brainwashed enough to still be going to the domes for the 
*still* obvious failure to produce the expected results. And again, the idiot 
who wrote this is counting on people *still* being brainwashed enough to fall 
for it, and *accept* the blame being shifted onto them. As unbelievable as it 
may sound, there *are* people out there who would prefer believing that the 
dome programs haven't produced their promised results because *they* or their 
neighbors were leaving out parts of their program than believing that the dome 
program never produced any results because it never had *any* effect on the 
world in the first place. 

I honestly feel sorry for you Doug, and for anyone else who actually buys into 
this. For a year or so, back in the beginning, I can understand people being 
open enough and hopeful enough to actually *believe* that by bouncing on their 
butts they were going to create a crime-free and stress-free Fairfield and 
world. Especially when told that *THEY* were so important that *THEY* would be 
causing all these wonderful changes. 

But after a couple of years with no results? After five years with no results? 
After several panicky emergency phone calls from Maharishi telling you that the 
world would end unless you either came to a special butt-bouncing course or 
coughed up more money? After ten years with no results? After 20 years with no 
results? After *30* years with no results? A person would have to be some kind 
of *idiot* to still  be trucking off to the domes through the snow twice a day. 

And that's not the worst of it. NOW whoever wrote this wants these few who have 
hung in there all this time to feel BAD about still being this gullible because 
THEIR efforts were not "good enough." It's THEIR fault that there haven't been 
any results from all this butt-bouncing. They weren't doing their full program.

Yeah, right. 

The "numbers" mean nothing. They never did. The entire project was bullshit, 
from Day One to present. That's what a rational person would believe, looking 
at the history of it all. 

But if you'd prefer to take the blame for all this butt-bouncing having 
accomplished nothing, feel free. Just don't ask anyone else to respect you for 
being that gullible, that stupid, and *still* that wlling to be abused, just so 
you can consider yourself "important." What a fuckin' waste of life...

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Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] FWD: A Time to Act, in Meditation

Turquoiseb, in defense of the data it should be pointed out that the
numbers of people in group meditation in Fairfield has recently
dwindled to levels that were present at the nadir of TM in the mid-
'00's .  As the Invincible America Assembly was created in 2006 it
had been noticed that the numbers were bottoming at a couple hundred. From 
there the numbers took off and the pundits were added to the
total meditating here.  The field effect was quite palpable powerful
in collective spiritual practice.  Recently with the demise of the
Settle grant and the drying up of money otherwise both the numbers of
meditators and pundits has diminished.  Scientifically one can feel
the difference in cause-and-effect spiritually.  That explains a lot.   
JaiGuruDev, -Buck

turquoiseb wrote :

Pandit incident, the local suicide situation, and other problems clearly
show that if not enough of us are participating in Group Program, we
have to make up for it with direct local action."

How cultists think, personified. An alternative sentence, formed by a sane 
person evaluating the same situation, might

Pandit incident, the local suicide situation, and other problems clearly
show that 'Group Program' does nothing at all."

Subject:[FairfieldLife] FWD: A Time to Act, in Meditation

JGD, a call to action.
Mail from the communal inbox, this
is one fit to galvanize (polarize) most everyone in all the FF communities...

-Buck in FF

Dear All,
This letter is a private letter not on behalf of any organization, and is 
addressed only to practitioners of the TM-Sidhi program.
JFAN's recent well-attended annual anti-cafo
meeting had much anger and intensity. Several distinguished speakers repeatedly 
attacked “business as usual” to a roused and emotional audience. It is 
encouraging that 42% of the U.S. is party- independent, and frequent statements 
about all the good happening are likely true, and I appreciate and enjoy them, 
along with the growing silence and bliss in the spiritual population - natural 
and expected in an evolutionary process of the rise of Natural Law.
But increasing intensity of partisan polemics and attack and a
greatly increased barrage of election mailings show that a significant portion 
of America is on fire, with a rather disturbed collective consciousness.
The greater the knowledge, the greater the responsibility. What can we do?
Don't expect anyone else to do it. This is what responsibility means.
4 Action Steps (any one or more of these 4)
1. Create Group Program
2. Speak 'Up'
3. Get Involved in Local
4. Do All Portions of Program
1. Group Program: “ the most powerful means of transforming [and 
stabilizing] society that exists, or ever will exist.” -
Several facilities are available, or create your own with friends. Maharishi 
consistently favored both large hub facilities and small neighborhood programs. 
At least time program with the community schedule. Don't quit. Don't give up.
2. Speaking Up  “Communication is the single most important factor in the 
success of an organization.” - Maharishi
It is not up to leaders to do it all. It is up to each of us. Don't sweat the 
small stuff but if you feel that something is
too far off, it is vital to communicate that respectfully (speak 'up') to 
appropriate people. If enough people bring up something, it is going to get 
attention. Nothing bad will happen. It is worth doing this.
Nyaya (two way flow) and Nirukta (feed-back) require this for a healthy system. 
A social or organizational system cannot work properly without constructive 
Solutions Group: responsible for admin policy for the Super Radiance community
Ideal Community Group: responsible for increasing participation in Super 
Dome Committees: responsible specifically for the Domes
Settle Grant Board: responsible for the Settle Grant
Invincible America Department: implements Solution Group policy  (472-1212, 
Gate Ridge Building), IAD should be able to give you the member lists and 
contact info for these groups  A list
of members of these groups was emailed to the whole Sidha community not long 
3. Get Involved in Local Politics   (Please refer to Raja Raam's Appeal in the 
Dome last Spring)
This is new, but emphatically requested by Raja Raam (Don't be passive, but 
very active to oppose and stop the grain elevator complex).
A massive industrial presence, too close -  with pollution, noise, traffic, and 
financial issues -  potential of a chemical fertilizer plant, truck stop, and 
who knows what else, is
a parody on a sustainable model community, notwithstanding statements by 
business thinking portrayed as community leadership. Plus Ever encroaching and 
massively proliferating cafo's.
It is past time to stop rolling out the red carpet to big money (or a carpet 
being rolled out over us), whether it be Wal-Mart, the Lamson Woods dog park, 
U.S. Cellular, Neptune Smart Meter, Heartland Co-op, Monsanto, Cargill.
The Pandit incident, the local suicide situation, and other problems clearly 
show that if not enough of us are participating in Group Program, we have to 
make up for it with direct local action.
Almost all the candidates running in this election represent business as usual, 
although they may be friendly, nice people, and competent in the dysfunctional 
picture of the past. But they embody what has not been working. Two candidates 
running in this election are not speaking in terms of business as usual. Please 
find out who they are and vote for them.
4. Do All Components of Our Program   “A casual attitude toward program brings 
casual results.” -
Many of us have stopped or substantially reduced key program components. Any 
undone component substantially reduces growth and impairs the holistic synergy 
and effectiveness of program. The result in the community and country is clear. 
 Don't quit. Don't let it go. The nation needs our help and will continue to 
need it.
No temporary resolutions. 'Idea' meetings and discussions are secondary. It 
will be greatly to your advantage and the country's to decide to do one or more 
of the above 4 for the rest of your life, and do it. It will make a huge 
Thank you very much for your time and attention.
Jai Guru Dev,

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