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Downtown here has free Internet. Lots of restaurants and espresso places have free Internet. Guess that's liberal speak, eh?
/It is probably unlawful to loiter in downtown Oakland, but I guess you if you found a Wi-Fi hotspot you could chill in your car, if you could find a parking place, and even then, most of the time, you have to pay a parking fee.

Most restaurants don't allow the use of their Wi_Fi without a purchase of at least a cup of coffee or a beer. I wonder how much it costs the other Barry to sit for hours in a cafe and use their Wi-Fi?//Go figure./

On 10/27/2014 11:56 AM, wgm4u wrote:

WOW, awesome! I guess the internet is free too, huh? Firefox is free, ergo the internet is also free?, profound logic! But, that's liberal speak....

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