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 The Fairfield Mental Health Alliance 
 October 5th Meeting Notes


 You asked: What did you think about (the Oct 5 meeting) last night?
 Look this has been about creating change and that meeting was a timely showing 
of some progress of change. The meeting was not the conclusive meeting but it 
does show the movement has changed some and all the people on stage help show 
the integration this is taking. 
  On the left hand of the stage as the audience viewed it were all these 
different practicing clinical professionals who also have integrated 
alternative modalities in to their practices as they are useful and have basis, 
and then Pat on the right side clarifying and holding up the movement's 
franchise. Pat did quite a deft job clarifying on behalf of the movement and 
Maharishi. Afterall, it was a movement community meeting. Pat is really quite 
controlled smart, homey, funny, and theatrical all at once.  I enjoyed watching 
him.  It was really quite brilliant.  

 This is the second meeting where he has spoken for our collective practical 
concern as to compassion and our working to help people solve mental health 
issues being essentially compassionate.. [very buddhistic? ]
  It will be very interesting to hear when that language of compassion gets 
picked up, adopted and used by spokespersons up the chain of TM command. That 
actually is extremely interesting that he is changing the inside by leading 
with that idea. It has always been said that TM is without heart, well then if 
it is not a trick then we see this movement of the movement from the upper 
level around this whole mental health thing is showing some heart, even though 
it took boxing them in to a corner to help them show it. This is quite a 
 Funny how it hasn't always been there though isn't it? Most spiritual groups 
take the development of compassion as a given, how can you have personal growth 
without it? But you are correct, there is precious little of it in the TMO. Far 
more arrogance, elitism and an almost scary lack of self awareness. Not 
everyone of course but enough of the teachers to put me off for life.

 These are the overriding impressions I left the movement with.  It was them 
that undermined the ideal I thought they stood for. How can they change without 
abandoning the idea that TM is all you need to do? If compassion isn;t there 
then pretending it is is just mood making surely? You see what I'm getting at, 
it's a central tenet that you just meditate and act naturally. Maybe you guys 
are the reformation that changes all that.

 Question of course now is the carry-through. There is more work to do to 
figure out the practical delivery of policy. The clinic, type of credentialed 
staffing, and how they are going to administrate those trip-wire questions on 
their forms. That MUM student who spoke in the Q and A was very effective at 
holding their feet to the fire once again in public.  They got to come up with 
more compassion to show on that one for people to believe them.  
 It is about showing change on their part.  Compassion?  Their administrative 
banishing of Tom Allen was not the timely example of any change there. Opps. An 
long-time old meditator and yes with criticisms of the organization which they 
were soliciting to hear, but an apostate?  No, not then.  Hurt now? yes.  Not 
great timing for the handling of one of the poster persons of  Fairfield Cares. 

 It always baffled me that so many people are banished from the movement, 
shouldn't it all be hunky dory and brotherly love? My question to a 
particularly arrogant TM teacher who boasted about how many people he'd had 
kicked out (completely unreasonably I might add) was: Where are you going to 
send people in the age of enlightenment? Is there some sort of island 
unaffected by coherence waves they can all sit and regret not conforming to 
Marshy's ideals? 

 Maybe what you've started is a way for the TMO to look at itself and the 
effect TM has on people, and how the power structure fails to produce the sort 
of results you'd expect from a supposedly higher teaching. Maybe you'll end up 
with a realistic appraisal of benefits to offer people so they don't get all 
excited and carried away about the hyperbole and consequently get so fed up a 
few years later. 

 Criticism can only be a good thing here, it seems to me there are a lot of 
sacred cows to be led off to the slaughterhouse but if they aren't real and 
serve only to a) make money, and b) lead people into thinking there is more to 
TM than you've got a reasonable right to claim, then it's a good thing because 
you won't be too embarrassed to mention it any more. No more hiding yagya's and 
raja's from Oprah when she comes round. But yes, TM will be just another 
moderately effective meditation technique in the market place. Is that so bad?

 Incrementally the meeting was an important meeting strategically. It will be 
another step when they have the confidence to post the policy to point to on 
their webpage.

 -Buck in the Dome

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