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 Youse guys are too hard on Russel.

If he's over the top about TM, who wasn't at some point?

What I find wonderful about him is his on-the-hoof-rant-ability.  The guy's 
aces with a spiel.

I'm really very handy with the spoken word, myself, ahem -- I can talk for an 
hour about a lot of topics with no repeats and great composition, but Russel is 
in another league.  He's got clarity on the palm of his hand.

And don't miss is wild-ass, in your face, I puke on your politics, philosophy.  
Who out there is on the stump preaching anarchy and getting to be a media 
"darling" none-the-less?  He's a one-off perfect storm for what he's intending. 
 He's had it with money, had it with fame, and now the guy wants to settle down 
and snuggle up with world peace and all that entails -- and to crush the 
messenger of such boundary breaking proclamations of personal freedom is wrong. 
 Stop it.

Our cultures on Earth need to be shaken by a common enemy -- anarchy will do.

 Fine rant Edg, you've found another way of looking at him for sure. 

 The best I will say about him is that he hits the headlines, if only it wasn't 
because he's such a clown. If only he didn't get so much publicity when there 
are more serious thinkers out there with actual understanding and answers who 
might be a bit more persuasive and hard to deal with than Brand. 

 Maybe it's the media's fault for being so demanding, our politicians are so 
bland you can't tell them apart, they look like bowls of porridge because 
they're terrified of saying the wrong thing and being hounded endlessly. People 
like Brand are a welcome relief for journalists, they queue up to get stroked 
and feel the zeitgeist.

 I disagree that he has clarity though, plenty of bluster and superficial charm 
for sure but everyone knows what's wrong with the world, it just worries me 
that anyone might think he's got the answer. And at the end of the day he's 
just been too much of an asshole over the years for me to want to rally round 
him. He does the revolution more harm than good I think, maybe if he gave all 
his money away and went to live in a squat again I'd take him more seriously. 
But you're right, at least he's got anarchy back in the news.

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