>From Buck:
administrative banishing of Tom Allen was not the timely example of
any change there. 

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is a form of mental illness

MJ, I don't know who Tom Allen is, but Scott Terry is the mental health care 
professional who wrote the initial letter to the MUM leadership that got all 
this going. 

Since all the misunderstandings have been going on for decades, it's reasonable 
to expect that it will take some time for all the necessary changes to be made. 
And there are bound to be lapses by individuals here and there. 

But there is definitely progress and good dialogue and people taking useful 
actions to help.

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Isn't Tom Allen the health care professional who started this whole thing? 
Please fill us in - how did the Movement bash him?

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a form of mental illness

The Fairfield
Mental Health Alliance  
5th Meeting Notes  


asked: What did you think about (the Oct 5 meeting) last night?
this has been about creating change and that meeting was a timely
showing of some progress of change. The meeting was not the
conclusive meeting but it does show the movement has changed some and
all the people on stage help show the integration this is taking. 
the left hand of the stage as the audience viewed it were all these
different practicing clinical professionals who also have integrated
alternative modalities in to their practices as they are useful and
have basis, and then Pat on the right side clarifying and holding up
the movement's franchise. Pat did quite a deft job clarifying on
behalf of the movement and Maharishi. Afterall, it was a movement
community meeting. Pat is really quite controlled smart, homey,
funny, and theatrical all at once.  I enjoyed watching him. 
It was really quite brilliant.  

This is the second meeting where
he has spoken for our collective practical concern as to compassion
and our working to help people solve mental health issues being
essentially compassionate.. [very buddhistic? ]
will be very interesting to hear when that language of compassion
gets picked up, adopted and used by spokespersons up the chain of TM
command. That actually is extremely interesting that he is changing
the inside by leading with that idea. It has always been said that TM
is without heart, well then if it is not a trick then we see this
movement of the movement from the upper level around this whole
mental health thing is showing some heart, even though it took boxing
them in to a corner to help them show it. This is quite a change. 
of course now is the carry-through. There is more work to do to
figure out the practical delivery of policy. The clinic, type of
credentialed staffing, and how they are going to administrate those
trip-wire questions on their forms. That MUM student who spoke in the Q and A 
was very
effective at holding their feet to the fire once again in public. 
They got to come up with more compassion to show on that one for
people to believe them.  
is about showing change on their part.  Compassion?  Their
administrative banishing of Tom Allen was not the timely example of
any change there. Opps. An long-time old meditator and yes with
criticisms of the organization which they were soliciting to hear,
but an apostate?  No, not then.  Hurt now? yes.  Not
great timing for the handling of one of the poster persons of
 Fairfield Cares.    
the meeting was an important meeting strategically. It will be
another step when they have the confidence to post the policy to
point to on their webpage.
in the Dome

things change. Git ready for change. Things are changing inside TM.
There yet are a lot of good people in TM for good reasons and the
organizational model and processes has changed since the demise of
the founder. There is a lot more transparency and process. We'll see
if you can change around this. 
on the Ground in Fairfield

what happened at the meeting, who said what and what are they going
to do about it? 

Fairfield, Iowa.  The Oct 21st meeting?  It was one in a continuation of
working meetings held about mental health in the community that have
been ongoing for months now most every Tuesday going under the
working banner of the Fairfield Mental Health Alliance.  These are
working meetings of people who are interested in being activley
involved in helping with communal mental health.  On alternating
Tuesdays are working committee meetings while on the off Tuesdays is
the large group meeting where the committees bring their work.  The
larger meetings are very business like organized by agenda.   A lot has
been done [accomplished in very tangible ways] over several months to
facilitate mental health in to the community. 
The meetings are open
to interested people who would be actively involved.  They are not
gripe sessions where people just hate, bitch and complain, but working
meetings looking for action steps to work on and facilitate.
Different aspects have been focused on and worked on within the ongoing previous
meeting process. Last month before this last meeting the other night was the 
presentation and
distribution of the campus guideline for psychological health
treatment. That was a historic meeting and showed the work of a lot of people.  

This current meeting the other night was a facilitated meeting getting down to 
the cultural
things that may underlie meditator communal mental health.
Everything came on to the table.  It was really well facilitated.  Evidently it 
is now time in the process to really consider elements of our culture.  There 
were about 40 people around the room of various ages and rank
in the community.     The meeting had a cross-section representation of 
students, graduates of the
whole school system, long-term community meditators, campus people, and
movement leadership. 
 It was extremely well facilitated lasting
within and hour or so such that everyone was asked to speak and
participate in a series of rounds around the room where everyone was
asked by the facilitator who ran the meeting to respond to particular questions
in short and those comments were captured on whiteboard and poster
boards by scribes in front of everyone to be kept and read through
out the meeting.  
Starting with a question something like, in only a few limited words and
without statement what do you see the problem is here in the
community culture with mental health?  5 or so words.  It went around
the room.  Then once everything was on the boards in front of
everyone came the next question, in a word how do you feel now about all
that was said?  It went around the room to everyone including
movement leadership. 'Hopeful' was a common comment among a range of
large question of the group was something like,  in five words what
should be done to effect change in the communal culture?  Again time
was taken to go entirely around the room and the answers were
recorded by scribes on boards in front of the whole group to read.
That went around the whole room and everything was said without comment or 
discussion.  It just moved around the room to everyone.  These were
pertinent action points.  
the end of the meeting then everyone was asked to come forward and physically 
vote with a limited number of hash-marks to what they felt were the
most important points offered in the meeting.  That data then will
subsequently generate a report with priority for a future meeting
about what it might take to change the culture of the movement around
mental health.  It was all very open and very well done.  Communal process to 
# #
Now, as the science evidently does seem to indicate do take some quiet time for 
effective transcendent meditation for the welfare of  your mental health and go 
forth and have
a better day.  
Guru Dev,
-Buck in the Dome

“..the role of principle Barry hater - and you have to admire the
we all rate posts as we may read them on spectrum; from posts that
make: Observations, to suggestions, to criticism, by negativity and
tone, to apostasy, thence to active anger and hating.  In reading these posts I
feel Ann through reading the individual postings here simply lost some faith 
more in Turq by her better understanding of his writing and approach here after 
reading the
Lenz book that was posted here.  It is that simple also. 
 I always
read the Turq and feel he has a valid perspective from having 'been
there' at a time, by his contrast with spiritual experience like
Fleet's, and now I feel I have an even better understanding of him as
a critic from this recent Freddy Lenz/Rama thread on FFL.  Context often
is everything.  

is something that is particularly good about the writing on FFL, that
it often can render down what is truth.  Judy was very much part of
that process when she was here.  Ann also helps with that by virtue
of her mind about things and by life experience as context about
things here.  Some here have been pricks and Ann may be prickly towards people 
times.  Rick seems to welcome almost  everyone contributing to the
related topics of FairfieldLife.   I thank Rick for that.  Public
forum is often one of the best checks against theocratic tyranny.  

was an amazing open meeting last night in meditating Fairfield where
everything was on the table in front of a bunch of the higher-up apparatchiks 
of the new TM movement.  For  upward pressures on the organization
being beyond theocratic control, FFL has long been a part of the calculus of 
the meditating Fairfield communal culture.  
is a lot of change going on inside right now by virtue of the
attention of public forum.  Turq in his way has been part of that for
years by force of his experience, personality and writing.  I would
miss him if he gets entirely hounded or completely embarrassed off of
this forum.  In the same way I feel it was really mean the way they
hounded Judy personally off this list and out of this community.
Rick and the moderators should have stopped that before the end.  
would hope we could all be kinder with one another in process.  
Guru Dev,  
in the Dome 

Om, Dear MJ; under a theory that ethics is a leading economic indicator of 
organizational life, could your vitriolic level as to TM, the Maharishi and the 
meditation he promulgated and some of TM's past leadership be malleable if the 
new TM movement has changed its ethical code and behavior? Or, are you locked 
in to your feelings and opinion? Just wondering. I am seeing quite a lot of 
change [movement] in the new TM movement.  Does that kind of healthy change 
dismay your position?

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