So how is the music biz these days? I've been hearing that old musicians I know and used to work with in the Seattle area are having a tough time getting work and they're exceptional players (some played with famous folk). I'm glad that I stopped depending on music for a living back in the late 80s. Writing software to me was like writing music. Unfortunately there is not much work for old programmers these days either.

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At least you can avoid purple to fit in. I've had booking agents tell me that my act is a harder sell because I am white! Skin melanin as artistic street cred, who knew?

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When I was trying to make a living doing "art," I met "real artists" who were so artistically superior that I was ashamed to present my stuff -- and yet most could not make a living selling their art. At one time I was in three galleries and never came close to selling enough to "cut it." I met one guy who had major works in many museums and still couldn't sell enough to quit his day job.

And the gallery owners are all about the money. I had one tell me, as he looked at one of my canvases, "Oh, I couldn't sell this. Purple never sells." See?

Try to use purple after that. The true artist is up against such a wall of ignorance.

Each one is like a preacher on a stump in the public square -- speaking an unknown dialect.

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