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 You'll have to contact my tantra guru.  Through a medium since he passed away 
2 years ago.  But don't fret there are probably a few in the UK who can teach 
you but you would need to test them out and you better know something about 
what tantra really is first.  BTW, it's no yoga for old men.

 I can't be bothered. I know someone who's doing a tantra course but it's a two 
year affair, I'll wait and see what she reports.
 If you were successful you'd probably have about as much luck getting Randi's 
$1 million as folks have getting a "do not call list" claim.
Nah, if you've got it you could beat the stiff controls he puts on the tests, 
he does work out with the applicants beforehand what they can do, and then set 
the experiment so that it's possible to demonstrate anything extraordinary. But 
you have no chance if you are kidding yourself (or him) in any way, which is 
what people forget when it turns out they haven't got magical powers and start 
blaming the procedure for "setting them up to fail". 

 Give it a try Bhairitu. Easy money, if you are sure......

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 As I have said in the past if anyone had doubts about the supernatural a 
tantric initiation it would remove them. 
 Sign me up, I'll happily claim James Randi's $1,000,000 for proving such 
things exist. What do I have to do to get started? 


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