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 Wow Richard, those are gorgeous. I'll bet in print they are even better.

 Oops, I thought that would happen. Should have separated the four at the 
bottom and put my name on, just in case....

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   I read somewhere on FFL you were a photographer. Are you an artist or a hack 
(just taking soulless pictures for money)? I do not believe you have ever given 
us a sample of your work. I am sure there are critics in the audience who would 
be glad to evaluate your artistic ability.

 I've been a subscriber to this group for years and I've never been able to get 
anyone to show their work, except for a few posted photos by Ann, a few 
animations by Barry2, and a few sunset photos by Jim. I've always assumed the 
only professional performer on this list was Curtis. Rita and I both went to 
art school and have worked as professionals for most of out lives as graphic 
artists or designers. We look forward to seeing your work. 
 Photograph by Richard J. Williams, 2013

 Very nice. I like taking photos when I'm strolling about. But I aint no pro, 
so don't be getting harsh on me: 

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