/A Liberian guy infected with Ebola died in the Dallas hospital. So far, we've had two Ebola infections in the U.S. - the two nurses in Dallas who were caring for Thomas Duncan. It's kind of unsettling to realize the health authorities blew it in all three cases.
//A doctor returning from West Africa has been hospitalized with Ebola, but before he got sick, he visited a bowling alley which they shut down. Everyone knows you can't get Ebola from a bowling ball or riding on a bus!

///Then, a nurse returning from Sierra Leone to New Jersey got put in quarantine in a tent in the parking lot of a hospital, with no heat or shower - even though she showed no symptoms. The World Health Organization says overly restrictive quarantines and travel bans will put people off volunteering to go to Africa to help improve a health system to deal with the disease.//
//So far, this is not instilling confidence in the U.S. health system. Are we supposed to panic or not? If this is the level of care we can expect in the U.S. I pity anyone who gets put in a hospital these days. Go figure.//
Bellevue Staff Consumed With Ebola Care:

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