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Wow Richard, those are gorgeous.

Which one?

I'll bet in print they are even better.

Now I'm confused.  There are no prints - I am a painter.

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    I read somewhere on FFL you were a photographer. Are you an
    artist or a hack (just taking soulless pictures for money)? I do
    not believe you have ever given us a sample of your work. I am
    sure there are critics in the audience who would be glad to
    evaluate your artistic ability.
    /I've been a subscriber to this group for years and I've never
    been able to get anyone to show their work, except for a few
    posted photos by Ann, a few animations by Barry2, and a few sunset
    photos by Jim. I've always assumed the only professional performer
    on this list was Curtis. //Rita and I both went to art school and
    have worked as professionals for most of out lives as graphic
    artists or designers. We look forward to seeing your work. /

    /Photograph by Richard J. Williams, 2013/

    Very nice. I like taking photos when I'm strolling about. But I
    aint no pro, so don't be getting harsh on me:

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