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 Thanks for clearing that up.  All beautiful and I guess if I had any smarts I 
would have noticed the style difference. Did you take the cloudy shot in black 
and white or desaturate it in Photoshop? I always wonder which is better.

My fault for the confusion, it was late and I didn't think before posting and 
only realised when I looked at it afterwards.

 The cloudy one was processed in Adobe Lightroom which is a simpler program 
than Photoshop, and basically used for converting Raw files, which is where the 
camera remembers all the data captured by the sensor instead of you getting the 
finished J-peg from the camera and trying to adjust that later. 

 The advantage with Raw files is that you get much more freedom in deciding all 
aspects of picture, white balance, exposure, contrast and colour saturation can 
all be widely adjusted afterwards. Or as here converted to B&W, the cool thing 
is you can alter each colour so it's effect is the same as in the old days when 
we used to use different colour filters to change a B&W shot - a red filter 
turns a blue sky black for instance.

 But the best thing about Lightroom is that it saves the original so you can 
have another go later when your skills improve. 


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