Thanks for sharing this vid of where you live. Beautiful - looks cold, too -  
Too bad you don't have Costco (just one capital 'C') over there - We just 
bought a four pack of Bailey's for $14 per bottle, during our last visit.  

 Funny how much interest it adds to the vid when the camera pans, during a 
time-lapse. A pretty recent technique, but not devised as a result of any tech 
advance in photography, but just another way of seeing things. 
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 In the second shot at 00:01, if you look past the foreground floating 
restaurant to the yellow umbrellas behind it (in front of the church), that is 
one of my fave writing cafes, Scarlatti. 

The bridge and windmill around 00:42 are close to my house. I ride over that 
bridge to go to another of my writing cafes (De la Soul), which is at the end 
of the block of houses on the far right. 

The first boat ride down the lighted canal starting about 01:01 passes several 
of my fave cafes. The patio at Einstein can be seen more clearly for a moment 
at 01:16. 

The outdoor cafe (Doc2) at 01:32 was the closest cafe to where I used to live, 
so I spent a lot of time there. The Haven area at 01:41 has a number of cafes 
that are fun to sit at on sunny days and watch the boats go by. 

De Volharding at 01:59 is a nice restaurant near where I used to live that also 
has an outdoor patio at which I used to sit and write a lot. 

The observatories at 02:58 are part of the university, and are pretty much 
across the street from where I live now. 


 Cool, all most civilised. I approve!

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 Brilliantly done and a beautiful place. Did we see your favourite cafe on the 


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 I know that this probably doesn't compare to Richard posting photos of the new 
CostCo store he visited last week during its grand opening, but we don't have 
CostCo here, so this'll have to do:

 Leiden Sleutelstad

 Leiden Sleutelstad

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