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Good Luck but remember if you want professional results, particularily in the shadow areas you need fullframe, and Fuji isn't there yet.
/Also remember to display the photos a little larger than 3.20 x 2.127 inches for easy viewing. LoL!/

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It's a Nikon and even though it isn;t one of their pro-oriented models it's heavy with a couple of decent lenses and I wish I could get the same results from a phone so I didn't have to carry it around all day!

Check out news from Sony, they are tiny, fullframe mirrorless cameras you can equip with Leica glass and they cost a fraction of Leica bodies. Steve Huff has a review up on the newest, the A7s:

Thanks for the info Nabby, I love the look of those Sony's and have downloaded a few pics to study, very impressive. The high ISO ones on Huff's site are amazing, it makes my old Nikon seem like a museum piece! I rarely use high speeds like that, but I've done a few weddings and gig shoots and it would have been useful to have that capability.

I see they have a lot of Zeiss lenses for them too, which makes me happy as I had a large Contax outfit for ages and that T* glass is awesome, would love to see how my Lightroom methods work out with a set up like that.

At the moment I've pretty much decided on a Fuji X camera as they are lighter still and the lenses are very good, but there's so many to choose from and by the time I make my mind up they'll have a new one on the market.

I'll continue researching and see what my Christmas bonus brings. Cheers!

The Sony A7s digital camera review. WOW. Period. <http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2014/07/01/the-sony-a7s-digital-camera-review-wow-period/>

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The Sony A7s digital camera review. WOW. Period. <http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2014/07/01/the-sony-a7s-digital-camera-review-wow-period/> The Sony A7s Review. Wow. Period. The most creative digital photographic tool ever made for my uses! You can order the Sony A7s at Amazon HERE o...
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Or if you want to stick with Nikon and use your old glass the Df is a good choice, I've had mine for almost a year and it's a true beauty. With a little tweaking in LR shooting at ISO 12.800 is no problem.

Would love one, I could get all nostalgic over those dials. I know someone who brought a D750 for his weddings and corporate work and it's a wonderful thing, it's a huge step up in quality, and no heavier than what I use at the moment. A genuine win-win.

The Nikon Df Camera Review by Steve Huff <http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2013/12/20/the-nikon-df-camera-review-by-steve-huff/>

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I'm currently trying to decide on which of those cool little mirrorless cameras to replace it with so I can still get decent results without having to haul a weighty backpack across the country. It does keep you fit though...

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(thought I'd keep them separate in case we get confused)
    I like taking photos when I'm strolling about. But I aint no pro,
    so don't be getting harsh on me:

    This one is the beach where I live. Well, I don't live /on/ the
    beach. Not yet anyway....

    This is a place called Durdle door. It's part of the UK's
    Jurassic coast and it's a UN world heritage site.

    Poole harbour at sunset, a short stroll from my house.

    Trafalgar Square, London.

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