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   (thought I'd keep them separate in case we get confused) 

 Like. Everyone loves photos of grand vistas, but do you have any photos of 
just normal everyday events or daily living? Thanks. No, my life is a series of 
grand visions and worship of natural forces.
 P.S. You seem to have changed the subject line and snipped out the URL to my 
works. Go figure. I think you'll find it's still there on your last post. This 
is a new thread, I kept them separate to avoid any confusion, as I mentioned 
above. Do you ever pay attention to what other people say? 
 This one is the beach where I live. Well, I don't live on the beach. Not yet 
 This is a place called Durdle door. It's part of the UK's Jurassic coast and 
it's a UN world heritage site.
 Poole harbour at sunset, a short stroll from my house.
 Trafalgar Square, London.


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