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 Wow! That is a nice one - cam you try to capture the next solar eclipse? You 
can sell them to anti-TM'ers when they debate TM TB'ers - the anti's can wear a 
small copy around their necks and the TM'ers won't be able to face them - 
kind-a like garlic for vampires.


 LOL, but the next solar eclipse visible from the UK is in 2090, I'll be a bit 
long in the tooth by then and that's looking on the bright side!

 There is one next year but it'll mean a trip to the Faroe Islands, which would 
be really cool. I may just look into it for a holiday. I will get you your TM 
garlic if I can!
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 Quite beautiful - thank you for posting - I particularly like the first one.


 That's one of my faves, the clouds were most obliging that day.

 As we get near the solstice it's time for me to start my walk to the beach in 
the morning darkness so I can catch the winter sunrise. Always plenty of drama 



















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   (thought I'd keep them separate in case we get confused) I like taking 
photos when I'm strolling about. But I aint no pro, so don't be getting harsh 
on me: 
 This one is the beach where I live. Well, I don't live on the beach. Not yet 
 This is a place called Durdle door. It's part of the UK's Jurassic coast and 
it's a UN world heritage site.
 Poole harbour at sunset, a short stroll from my house.
 Trafalgar Square, London.







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